AGA/ON Grants

ON/AGA Literature Grant Adipose-derived Stem Cells 2021

Die ON-Foundation vergibt in Zusammenarbeit mit der AGA einen  2'000 EUR Literature Grant (für AGA Mitglieder) für ein systematisches Review über "Adipose-derived Stem Cells – Aktuelle Anwendungsmöglichkeiten und Limitationen in der Orthopädie". Nach erfolgreichem Review wird es in der Zeitschrift Arthroskopie publiziert. Der Grant soll vorwiegend für eine uneingeschränkt zugängliche Publikation (open access) eingesetzt werden.

Application deadline: 16. Nov. 2021

Der Entscheid wird im Dezember kommuniziert.


ON Literature Grants
Application Guidelines


  1. General Information
  2. Funding Policy
  3. Application and Review Process
  1. 1. General Information

    ON, the Orthoregeneration Network, is an internationally active independent foundation in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration driving the development and understanding of new treatment strategies for the well-being of the patient. In order to create evidence and improve the understanding for clinical procedures and biologic principles, the Foundation provides funding (ON Literature Grants) for individuals who assess the existing knowledge and summarize it in form of a publication.
    As a requirement for funding, ON supports the granted author to publish the work in a peer-reviewed open access journal. For maximum awareness of the publication, the Foundation will disseminate the contents within the orthoregeneration network in different formats (e.g. reprints, newsletters, presentations, webinars, myON, social media...).

    Fields of Interest

    ON aims to improve clinical practice by the development and understanding of new or better techniques for the regeneration of damaged or compromised musculoskeletal tissues. The Foundation will identify areas of special interest and announces grants for the analyses of the literature and data that address these areas. Please refer to the ON website to see the current focus of the ON Literature Grants (


    To assess the existing knowledge and summarize it in form of a publishable manuscript, the author(s) may use one or several of the following approaches:

    • Meta-analysis or Systematic Review: Analysis of existing literature according to the PRISMA statement ( and the corresponding checklist and flow diagram chart.
    • Registry: Analysis of registry data or the documented clinical data of a sufficient number of center that are representative for the orthopedic community.
    • Survey: Systematic survey in a sample group of statistically appropriate sample size that is relevant for the population.

    Process and Timeline

    For the convenience of the applicants, the ON Foundation has developed a digital application process, myON. The Applications will be reviewed by experts in the field and the best application/s will be awarded an ON Literature Grant. All others will be informed about rejection.

    Application documents must be submitted electronically via the online application system. Therefore, the applicant must create an account on myON (

    Deadlines will be announced on the ON website and myON.

    Questions regarding the online application and the application process can be addressed to the ON Office by phone (+41 58 234 99 00) or
    E-mail (

  2. 2. Funding Policy

    Amount and Payment Modalities

    Literature Grants offer an amount between 1’500 to 2’500 CHF. The money shall be used for costs that are related to the publication (predominantly to make it open access but also statistician, language editing, literature access fees, open etc.). The Foundation cannot cover any additional costs exceeding the fixed amount and final payment is contingent upon acceptance for publication.

    Literature Grants will be paid in two installments.

    • The first installment (50%) will be paid upon acceptance of the proposal.
    • The second installment (50%) will be paid upon acceptance for publication and submission of the finished manuscript to the ON Foundation.

    Data Protection and Copyrights

    The author is responsible that for the data collection and manuscript preparation, the applicable data protection laws and institutional review board approval have been respected and no copyrights have been violated.


    Funding can only be granted if the declaration is signed by the lead applicant.


    Financial support provided by the ON Foundation should be acknowledged in the publication(s) resulting from this support in the following way:

    “The publication was supported by a Literature Grant from the ON Foundation, Switzerland (ON project number).”

  3. 3. Application and Review Process

    The ON Innovation Team will evaluate the proposal based upon the general methodology and feasibility of the project and its potential to improve the understanding and use of techniques for the regeneration of damaged or compromised musculoskeletal tissues.

    The Proposals will be reviewed by the members of the ON Innovation Team.

    Please complete the online form accurately and completely. Note that to ensure a comparable format for all applications, the space for entering the project information is limited. All information must be provided in English.

    When copying text from a MS Word document into our online application tool directly, it may cause formatting errors (due to the background formatting information saved).

    We recommend to first erase the background formatting of MS Word (e.g. with an additional copying step into a text editor).

    When copying the text from the editor into the online application tool only the plain text is copied. Afterwards you can use the basic rich text formatting of the online application tool.

    The following sections describe the information that is requested and how the online application tool must be completed (five steps in total).

    1. 1. General Information

      • Title: Please limit the title of your analysis to fewer than 300 characters.
      • Start Date: Estimated start date of project work (select in the calendar)
      • Duration: Expected duration of complete project (maximum 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on the type of grant)
    2. 2. Applicant Information

      • Lead applicant: Please indicate your name, academic degree, institutional position and full address of the institution.
      • Co-applicants: Please indicate the name, academic degree, institutional position and e-mail address(s) of co-applicants (if applicable).
    3. 3. Study Background/Introduction

      • Explain the unmet need or open question that your analysis addresses. Describe the existing knowledge thus far in this area and explain how your project expands this knowledge and creates new evidence.
      • Maximum 1500 characters including spaces.
    4. 4. Aims and Methodology of the Project

      • Formulate the aims of your project and describe the methodology that you want to use.
      • Maximum 3000 characters including spaces
    5. 5. Necessary Documents

      • CV (max 2 pages)
    6. 6. Statement

      • By adding your name, you agree to accept the ON guidelines regarding the proposal, evaluation and funding process of ON Literature Grants.
      • Please carefully read your given information and double-check it for content, ON Foundation purposes and ethical principles.